This is M4Sports

Sports tie us together. Through all of the good and bad, sports and competition remain consistent. The crew here at Major4 are sports guys. We grew up playing them, pretending we were our heroes in the backyard or in video games, and now we are talking about it.

Our goal is to try to bring people together in a joint conversation about the recent relevance in the sports world. Whether that be breaking down a play, analyzing a trade, giving input on a contract signing, speaking from our personal experiences or just chatting about the sports we love, we want you, the fan, to feel comfortable expressing your opinion with us.

At Major4, we are all athletes. Our core writers have played Prep School baseball, soccer, lacrosse and football along with Divison 1 and 3 Hockey, Division 1 Golf, Professional hockey at the SPHL, ECHL and AHL levels. We have won 2 Hockey East Titles, been to a Frozen Four, won a Sid Watson trophy (D3 National Player of the Year), 4 MIAC Conference titles, and numerous other team/individual achievements.

We don’t pride ourselves on being perfect writers, or experts at analyzing trades, games, or signings. We pride ourselves on loving sports, giving our input and giving the fans a place to talk about how they feel about their favorite teams or players. We truly love the ins and out of each sport. We love it so much because we have been there and are still living out our dreams by playing pro hockey.

We will cover Mike Trout’s unbelievable athleticism, Lebron James’ quest to the greatest ever, Connor McDavid and Carson Wentz’ rise to the top, Draft prospects from college sports and whatever else you want us to.

M4Sports all about YOU. We want this to be a platform for YOU to speak. That is why we started our “Stories from the Stall” program. We will be asking friends, teammates, coaches and trainers to share their stories so that YOU can get a better feel of what goes on behind the scenes in the world and eyes of athletes.

Thank you for your support and enjoy our “Random Relevance for fans by athletes.” After all, sports tie us together and who better to tie us together than athletes themselves.

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