2018 Masters Preview

There’s something absolutely magical about Masters Thursday. The Masters in general should be a bucket list event for really any sports fan, but on Thursday, the presence of Augusta, Georgia in early April is felt throughout the world. Every computer in every office will be streaming the tournament hoping to get a glimpse of what spring is supposed to look like.

This year is perhaps the most anticipated Masters Tournament in years and we all know why. Tiger Woods, who is looking for his 5th Green Jacket, is back on the heralded grounds in what looks to be great form. Tiger is one of a few athletes in the history of sport that has the ability to alter the excitement meter so drastically. But this is not the early 2000’s. Talent is young, players are powerful, and being dominant is a lot harder to come by. Like every other sport, the talent level at this time is incredible. Guys like Dustin Johnson, Jordan Speith and Ricki Fowler have played Augusta beautifully in the past, while Rory looks to make it a career grand slam.

Last year was incredible as Sergio Garcia finally broke through to win the Green Jacket. Some guys that are not being talked about as much that I feel could win are Tommy Fleetwood and Adam Scott. Although Scott is one of the more popular players in the world, he has gone a little under the radar this year, but his ball flight favors Augusta National and he has played well in the past.

I will say this…I want Tiger to win. Really badly. The guy is incredible and what he has done for golf is more than any other athlete has done or will do for another sport. Going through what he has gone through with his back has stacked the odds against him to what seemed like an insurmountable return. He has looked great thus far this year but if he can win his 4th Green Jacket it will absolutely be the story of the year. For the sake of ratings, excitement and my own interest, I hope he is seen wearing red late into the day on Sunday.

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