NBA (Non ESPN Predictions)

I read an article earlier today about the NBA playoffs. A bunch of “Experts” were asked to answer five questions and give their thoughts on the NBA Playoffs as well as their predictions. For some reason, I wasn’t asked to write for the piece which was shocking but frankly, kinda hurtful. So, Terrence said, “Nick, don’t get down! We’ve got our own site and you can write whatever you want, babe!” So, I decided to answer the same five questions and give my own predictions.

What Round 1 matchup are you most looking forward to watching?

It has to be Sixers Heat. The Sixers are the hottest team in the NBA and really ever since Markelle Fultz returned they have literally been unbeatable. Although Fultz hasn’t had the biggest impact, it is definitely a story. If Joel Embiid is healthy enough to play, this isn’t much of a series, but the history of Embiid and his boy Hassan Whiteside is just another part of what’s exciting about this series. The 76ers have “Trusted the process” for a long time, and I’m excited to see if they can stay hot.

What team has the easiest path to the Finals?

For the first time in a long time, the 76ers have been graced by an injury rather than dismantled by one. They could potentially play a Kyrie Irving (less) Boston Celtics team and avoid the Cavaliers and the Raptors until the Conference finals. Their toughest test will be to get by the Heat while Joel Embiid is recovering.

Who will be round 1 MVP?

Well, considering the Houston Rockets play the Minnesotta Timberwolves, a team that has been allergic to defense, James Harden could average 76 points a game in the first round. Harden is probably the second most important player to their team in the NBA behind Lebron. As long as Harden goes, the Rockets are a serious, serious threat to challenge the Warriors in the West.

Who will be the breakout player of the Playoffs?

Ben Simmons is a star. We know that. But, he has a chance to take a step to the next level now that he and the Sixers are in a spot to make some serious noise. Simmons has been reluctant to shoot the ball outside of the paint but he has unmatched vision and is a Lebron James esc type passer. If the 76ers make a run, Simmons will make a jump from star to superstar.

What is your bold round 1 prediction?

Pop and his Spurs take down the Steph Curry-less Warriors because Pop uses mind tricks to make Steve Kerr forget everything he taught him. This probably won’t happen. I just hope It does…

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