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NHL Playoffs

Eastern Conference Matchups
Boston – Toronto: Boston took a 3-1 series lead last night with a 3-1 win without Patrice Bergeron. In Game 1, Toronto not only got smoked but they lost Kadri 3 games (Back GM 5) because of a ridiculously cheap hit on a vulnerable Tommy Wingels. Game 2 was another ugly one for the Leafs where Pastrnak, Bergeron and Marchand combined for 14 points. The Leafs went home and won a big Game 3 but fell in Game 4 at home which puts them down 3-1 and a steep hill to climb against a Bruins team that seems built for a big playoff run.

Tampa Bay – New Jersey:There hasn’t been one “one goal game” in the series but the Devils are in trouble now. Lost Game 4 at home to go down 3-1 and just seem out skilled and out matched by the Lightning. Taylor Hall has been incredible and further proved his Hart candidacy but the depth of Tampa Bay has been too much to handle.

Philadelphia – Pittsburgh: This series is a disaster. Crosby is just sickening and the Flyers goaltending is a different type of sickening. The Flyers can’t find a goalie to perform in the playoffs and there is no stopping the Penguins come playoff time. Matt Murray, with the exception of Game 2, has been really really good and Claude Giroux has been a ghost. It’s like clockwork. 3-2 Pitt and now we head back to Philly for Game 6. Been ugly but it’s a series now.

Columbus – Washington:Home Ice is irrelevant in this series. Columbus takes both in Washington and vice versa. Really strange but thats just how she goes sometimes and being a road warrior means more because it’s just the guys in the room vs 18,000 fans. This series has the looks of one going the distance. Washington seems to just have a tad bit more firepower and yes, it has been a very high scoring series but can they keep beating Bobrovsky like this? #PrayForCapsFans season is in full effect

Western Conference Matchups

Nashville – Colorado:This series has been closer than most people would have thought. After Game 1, it looked like it was going to be over before it even really began but Game 2, Colorado had a huge comeback that just fell short and then won Game 3 in Denver. They lost Game 4 at home which hurts them and now it goes back to Smashville for a chance to end it but they’ve played the Preds tough which is something that can help Nashville. Similar to the Flyers, they won a big Game 5 on the road and now head home for a chance to play the reigning WC Champs in a 7th game. The Avs may be overwhelmed but they have nothing to lose and are playing like it.

Winnipeg – Minnesota: Besides a clunker that they lost in Minnesota, this has been all Jets. Hellebuyck has been incredible and much like Nashville, everyone is chipping in to get it done. The Wild are a very good team but they were already without Ryan Suter and then lost Zach Parise for the series and a 5-0 deciding game for the Jets has now sent them to the second round.

Vegas – Los Angeles: All Vegas, all series. Fleury only gave up three goals all series but Vegas didn’t exactly light the lamp. 7 Goals and no one on the roster had more than one. Yes, Vegas is headed to round two and is an incredible story, but they need to start scoring a little bit because it’s pretty unlikely that Flower will post another .977 Sv% against a really good, underrated Sharks team.

San Jose – Anaheim: No Joe Thornton? No problem. This series was way more of a statement than the Vegas series. Outscoring the Ducks 16-4, SJ proved that they can miss one of their best players and still perform and that Evander Kane was a great deadline pickup. Martin Jones was extremely good and the series vs. Vegas will be great to watch.

I hate sweeps. Worst thing in sports. So demoralizing and anti-climactic.

Top 5 Playoff Scorers:
Pastrnak (BOS): 4-7-11
Crosby (PIT): 5-510
Kucherov (TBL): 4-5-9
Guentzel (PIT): 3-5-8
Landeskog (COL): 43-7

Sleepers having very good Playoffs:
John Carlson (WSH): 1-6-7
Austin Watson (NSH): 3-36
Marcus Sorensen (SJS): 3-2-5
Colton Sissons (NSH): 3-2-5

Alex Killorn (TBL): 4-1-5

Vezina Candidates: Hellebuyck, Rinne, Vasilevskiy
Selke Candidates: Couturier, Bergeron, Kopitar
Norris Candidates: Doughty, Hedman, Subban
Lady Byng Candidates: Barkov, Karlsson, O’Reilly

NBA Playoffs

Eastern Conference Matchups

Toronto – Washington: Toronto leads 2-1 and can score a ton of points (Maybe Washington just can’t defend?). Game 1, the story was that John Wall being back for the Wizards could make them a threat to upset the one seed after his 23-15. Demar DeRozan has been a stud (37pts G2) but this looks like as much of a “team” as we’ve seen in the NBA in the last few seasons but Game 3 we saw John Wall and Bradley Beal go off and make us realize this could be tougher than we thought.

Boston – Milwaukee: This series was a bit up in the air for Boston when Kyrie went down and they obviously didn’t have Heyward all year. But the Celts have found a way. Gutsy efforts with 4 20pt scorers Game 1 and Jaylen Brown stepping up with 30 in Game 2 has them up 2-0. This series is far from over, though, because The Greek Freak has been great and if they can round out their game, this series could go on for a bit and maybe the distance.

Sixers – Heat: The Sixers are so fun to watch. Ben Simmons is a young, lefty Lebron and they got Embiid/Zorro back in Game 3. They find themselves up 2-1 and if Embiid’s rust is gone, they could go on a nice run if they finish off the Heat. Another series that isn’t over but Philly has a bit of its swagger back and it seems like everyone (I am) is rooting for them. TRUST THE PROCESS.

Cavs – Pacers: So intriguing. 2-1 and for some reason, it just doesn’t feel the same for the Cavs but then again, they have Lebron so who’s to say? They got spanked night 1 and then he comes back with 40+ Game 2 and they’re right back in it. They go on the road to Indy and don’t sleep on the Pacers after a huge comeback in Game 3. Oladipo is super underrated, and Stephenson/Young/Turner can all get is done in different areas on the court. Stephenson/Lebron is hilarious to watch and if there is someone who can get in the King’s head, it’s Lance. This series is super interesting and we’ll be watching this one close.

Western Conference Matchups

Houston – Minnesota: Love the TWolves and how they’re back in the dance after 18 years but this is a terrible matchup to come back to. Houston, up 2-0, is just too good and has a plethora of scoring options. CP3 and Harden lead the charge but it sure is nice to have Eric Gordon, Gerald Green and Clint Capela as secondary scorers. Biggest threat in the West, even with Steph back. That’s an opinion don’t yell at me.

Golden State – San Antonio:Golden State just has another playoff level, a little bit like the Penguins in the NHL. No Steph but they’re just chugging along. San Antonio just can’t score enough to keep up and Manu and Tony are trying to play with wheelchairs and it kind of looks like the reign in SA is over. Also, RIP to Pop’s wife, that’s terrible news and our thoughts and prayers go to him and their family.

Portland – New Orleans:Did not see this coming. But we should have. Portland is such a team built for regular season success and not the playoffs. Dame can only do so much for so long and you can’t rely on CJ McCollum. The very opposite is the case for the Pelicans. Rondo has a ring, Jrue Holliday has become a crafty veteran and then you have monster, Anthony Davis (RIP Unibrow). 6 seed beating a 3 seed 3-0, shocking, but with this matchup, it shouldn’t be.

Oklahoma City – Utah: Probably my favorite series in the West. 1-1 and Donovan Mitchell gets to show what he’s got against some of the best players in the NBA over the last 15 years. It’s a changing of the guard, in a way. The Thunder have way more swag in their lineup but that is just because they have big names who are marketed like crazy by the league and their endorsers. Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert and Ricky Rubio alongside the ROTY Candidate is a nice starting lineup and not a team to sleep on. Could see this going the distance and really hope it does.


The first few weeks have been entertaining for sure but can we get some nice weather for the love of God??? Enough with the cancelled games!! Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts and Jed Lowrie (vomit) have been monsters, the Sox are for real, the Mets and Angels are coming back to earth and there have been some REAL disappointments as far as teams go. Long season though, don’t get too worked up over 20 games!

Top 5
1. Red Sox 17-2: Best team in baseball in every category pretty much. Just swept the Angels.
2. DBacks 13-6: Steady as she goes. Lineup depth and good pitching so far.
3. Mets 14-5: Coming back down to earth but still playing well. Great staff and timely hitting so far.
4. Astros 14-7: 55 runs against in 20 games? Yikes, the reigning champs are just fine

5. Blue Jays 13-6: Playing really good baseball, underrated pitching

Bottom 5 (Worst is 1)
1. Reds 3-1
Oh noooo. With their next loss, they’re eliminated from playoffs??
2. Royals 4-14: See Reds.
3. Marlins 5-14: -47 run differential and 16 fans at each game
4. Orioles 5-15: They’d be better off if I was pitching
5. Rays 5-14No fans and all their good players will be shipped off soon

Don’t Sleep On
1. Indians 9-8: Cold weather and cancelled games have ruined their flow, they’ll be fine
2. Braves 11-8: +33 run differential so far
3. Nationals 10-10: They’re just bad because they’re sad the Caps will blow a series soon, they’ll be okay
4. Phillies 12-7: Ugly start, great recovery. Philly is just vibin’ right now
5. Dodgers 810: Just haven’t found a groove yet, will probably go on a 15 game heater soon


The Draft is 6 days away! All sorts of crazy Mock Drafts coming out. We will have our updated one coming soon. 

Lots of moves and news:
NFL Schedules released
Titans and Jaguars new Uniforms. Meh.
Broncos will to trade #5
Dez Bryant released by Cowboys
Jets trade up for #3 Pick
Brandin Cooks to Rams for a 1st (Used to get OBJ?)
Kirk Cousins & Sheldon Richardson to the Vikes
Suh to Rams
Pierre-Paul, Curry to Bucs
Honey Badger to the Texans
Crabtree (and RG3) to Ravens
Jordy Nelson to the Raiders
Josh Sitton to the Dolphins
Case Keenum to the Broncs
Jimmy Graham to the Pack
Malcolm Butler to Titans
Jarvis Landry/ Tyrod Taylor to Browns

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